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Friday 10 October 2014
Somebody has to change out that lightbulb at the TV tower!
This is tower climber Kevin Schmidt making the climb to the very top of a TV analog broadcast antenna!
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Thursday 9 October 2014
The Tiger actually jumps higher than the fence of the enclosure!
Wednesday 8 October 2014
This is fast! A fight Rhino plane breaks the speed of sound!
Tuesday 7 October 2014
Over the top world record cube time lapse solve! Credits!
Monday 6 October 2014
Smart car tip about which side of your car the gas tank Is on!
Sunday 5 October 2014
Thinking about pranking your friends! Check it out loud!
Saturday 4 October 2014
He really rocks! Impressive balancing rocks in a beautiful sum!
Friday 3 October 2014
Aftermath of a windy tornado crashes at the cool festifal!
Thursday 2 October 2014
The flying car is no a fantasy anymore but a bright reality!
Wednesday 1 October 2014
This grandma doesn't like new technology that much!
Tuesday 30 September 2014
A nice gas station toilet filmed somewhere in Philippines!
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