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Wednesday 14 April 2021
A magician explains how he fooled Penn and Teller!
Magicians Only (secrets inside!) Revealed for the first time ever!
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Tuesday 13 April 2021
A very realistic looking face mask is ready to make pranks!
Monday 12 April 2021
Imagine it cycling towards you at top speed! Hahaha
Sunday 11 April 2021
Historian is slowly becoming a genuine legit respectable filmmaker!
Saturday 10 April 2021
The problem with mismatched bumpers!
Friday 9 April 2021
Extreme pilot skills as caught on camera!
Thursday 8 April 2021
Smart! Sitting in the Air Trick revealed!
Wednesday 7 April 2021
A kicking robot vs the NFL longest field goal record holder Matt Prater!
Tuesday 6 April 2021
The wind this day was consistent at about 20 mph!
Monday 5 April 2021
An educational short history of the famous Band!
Sunday 4 April 2021
Perseverance Rover’s descent and touchdown on Mars!
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