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the video of YouTube
everyday, the video of youtube

 What is videofyoutube.com?

The site is the result of "One guy and an idea". It is the site that serves everyday one video. One video among the billions of YouTube known as "The Video of YouTube". It is the video that worths being viewed. The Video of YouTube starts from Saturday 23rd April 2005, when the first video was uploaded on YouTube.

 How did the idea come out?

I am psyched to YouTube. I spend hours on the site watching videos. There are so many videos that you get lost. There are so many that you don't know which one to view first. There are so many that even two lifes aren't enough to watch them all. So, what if i select everyday one video and turn it popular worldwide as "The Video of YouTube". Now, there is not one specific video to be discussed about everywhere (media, blogs, sites, forums, tv, conversations etc). There are many videos but not one specific. This gap i am trying to fill.

 Why just a simple site? Not even categories, tags or member accounts?

I strongly believe to the beauty of simplicity. Everything simple is beautiful. The power of simplicity is giant. Steve Jobs said once " Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains". 

  Is it free to use the site?

Absolutely yes! It is free of charge. You don't have to worry about paying. The service is given for free (even though i have spent hours and hours in order to search, collect and upload the videos on the site). But, in case you want to donate (for the work i have done) some money, contact me to go further.  

 What is my vision for the site?

My vision is giant. I aim high. To gain so much success that will be beyond my wildest dreams! To turn it from just a "hobby" site to the upcoming site of the internet. To be the next web phenomenon. A high volume traffic site with millions of visits, likes, tweets and shares. To be the video which will be discussed all over the world with huge social impact. You never know... miracles happen!

How many videos are on the site?

As of 31/07/2013 there were about 20.000 videos and they are increasing with a volume of 8 videos per day. One, the video of YouTube, five, the related videos and two, the videos at the extra category. 

What if you want to submit a video?

Contact me at once! I will be happy to family your video on the site as long as the video worths being viewed. This is the one and only condition to list your video. Otherwise sorry, deeply sorry but the video will be rejected.

Is everyone allowed to comment a video?

Yes, I believe people are basically good, everybody has something to contribute and everydody can bring the best in people. I recognise and respect each of us unique and individual but working together as a team (community) brings out better results. So only good comments are welcome. Bad comments (words included) will be deleted.

What is the extra category?

"Extra" category is an extra collection of YouTube's videos. At this category, the videos are situated vertically and are daily updated with two new videos. 

Where are the headquarters of the site?

Actually, i have offices around the world. From Laplland to Cape Town and from California to Tokyo. The headquarters have quantum origin and are everywhere and nowhere. At the moment my hacking office is in Rhodes Island.

Why so much love for videos?

If "A picture is worth a thousand words", imagine how much more, a video is worth.  The visualization of video is greatly beautiful. Alternative, i could have photographs or articles. Freezing the video you can get as much photos as you want and articles are useful only for them who love reading. Don't forget the evolution of the thing. We started with paintings in the caves, later papyrus, later papers, later photos and now videos (Darwin's Theory). To prefer papyrus instead of videos? No way! Τhe arrow of time does not forgive.

Who are the advisors and the investors of the site?

ADVISOR: Coming Soon: Mulat ot estou at quo sla pastiklou maske pardam dre pardasou delat apotin pol erxomai kai stou papoutsi apoton quodlo sousel de la mgen edela mpe lalispathi. Epipolen den eko autokinhto Kafeneion Industries, mous kai gia autestis voroil selalogow. Ston allo kosmo aloip ika tebetsme koukoura mwxtet.

INVESTOR: Coming Soon: Una troste de moyret qwe cimular dlou peketza thristy de maritsa mpezlou ntomatasli bourdes. Ego den imouna alitis kai mia nixta ston Peukovelones Capital. Ston sinoplea starlem kai mi tous kikloulus 5.000.000$ tarate kai disyxws den exoumel eptoxeuasmen kelsa den xanakeklou filemoul.

How can you contact the founder and CEO of the site?

Simply send me an e-mail to contact@videofyoutube.com. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the site feel free to reach me. If you have a trillion dollars to acquire the site, please feel even more free to contact me. In any occasion, don't hesitate to reach me. An e-mail it all it takes. Even though the volume of e-mails i receive everyday is as huge as Santa's Claus, i will try to reply to you in the next three days. In case i don't, please resend your e-mail. 

Is the site affiliated with YouTube or Google?

The site is not affiliated or associated with YouTube and Google in any way. I do not own the copyright, trademark, brand and logo of YouTube. The site operates independently and aims to make YouTube even more popular globally.

Who is the owner of the site?

My name is Evan Pavlopoulos and i am an economist. I hold a degree in Economics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), an erasmus degree in MBA (University of Gavle, Sweden) and a master in Tourism (Hellenic Open University, Greece) in progress. I like internet (mostly YouTube), real estate, countyside, traveling, crepes and everything simple. I am a single individual without a company. My lifetime achievement is to self made 40M € to turn my dreams to reality. To put 20M € creatively in investments and the rest 20M € in my foundation to give back effectively to the people and improve the quality of their lives, start solving the problems in my place.

How about the site and me?

I consider myself very lucky that i came up with the idea (idea goes back to the greeks, isn't it? "ιδέαis the greek word for idea) of "The Video of YouTube" and managed to register the domains on time (before someone else did). I decided to turn the idea to reality because i believe that smart ideas are valuable and need driven. I feel very lucky to work at something i like so much. I have had an amazing time viewing, selecting and uploading the videos on the site. Today, i couldn't be happier to publicly announce that the site i dreamed is real and in your eyes. I believe that i have actually created more, something beautiful not only for me but also for the web society. Thank you.

Domains in possession?





Secret to release?

I don't really have any secrets as boring as may sound. But if you want one, i believe in the individual's ability to make a difference in the world!


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